Miller Lite Miami

Pepsi Music Dubai Mural
The project request was to create an interactive wall mural in collaboration with a digital/augmented reality studio.
South Beach Target Store Mural
Target asked me to design a mural that contribute to the brand image by creating a fresh, upbeat, energetic, inviting, and most importantly an authentic local moment that connects with the neighborhood and this Miami Beach store unique guest mix. 
South Pointe Sunset
South Pointe, is one of my all times favorite places in South Beach, is a good resume of the best vibes of Miami: The sea, the boats, the cruise ships passing by, people hanging out in the park, picnics, people with dogs, love, families, bikes, etc.
Bike Girl
This illustration was an exercise to redo an old similar art but with a younger character. Times passed and this little girl grow up but she is still biking.
Evolve - A tribute to Charles Darwin
Evolve - A Tribute to Charles Darwin
U.S. Miami Beach Conference of Mayors Graphic Identity
I did this illustration of a very iconic Miami Beach lifeguard tower, commissioned by Miami Beach City Government for the branding of the United States Mayor Conference USMC. The event happened in Miami Beach on last June 2017. A whole graphics system and some applications were implemented later using the initial graphics parameters I created.
Small plane, Big adventures
A tribute to all those adventurers with a BIG love and compassion for mother nature creatures.
Biking with Dad
Pandemic times has arrived when my kid was three months old. He started growing and we found lovely things to share, biking around our neighborhood was and is one of our favorites.
The great bike share bike-off
The great bike-share bike-off”: my latest illustration for The Washington Post Express cover. Amid an explosion of dockless options, WPE put triathletes on bikes from six competing companies in a sprint across town.
Just for fun project
A project about the experiences we all are living in these crazy days.
Devil's Dance Festival Mask
The Diablada or Devil's Dance Festival is still happening every year in some little Ecuadorian towns.
Serena Williams portrait - Personal project
Buñuel's Broadway Dreams Illustration
Opening illustration for an article about Buñuel's movie The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie.
Miller Lite Miami Illustration
Miller Lite is partnering with Kiko Rodriguez to create branded tote bags that will resonate with light beer drinkers in the Miami community in an authentic and original way.
Who is Elena Ferrante?
Illustration for an article about the Italian writer who chooses to remain anonymous and publish under a pseudonym.
Tesla portrait
Alaska ports maps for a 2018 Cruise Line guide.
Versace portrait for editorial purpose.
Sqiizo: 3d art concept
Development of concept art and 3D elements for website Sqiizo, a past project finished. The web site was developed in Adobe Flash and all the site content animations of each of these elements.
Are you smarter than your home?
Illustration for an article about where are going the smart home gadgets.
Bermuda Moongate
Bermudas Moongate illustration for editorial purpose.
Law Firm campaign: Passions
The concept of this serie is about how the clients after engaging the services of EJP, can peacefully enjoy their own pleasures, hobbies, and passions.
Cuban Cafecito
Colada - Cuban Cafecito. It is not about the coffee or how much sugar it has. It is about the brotherhood, your buddies, your partners. Share a fun moment with them today.
Be water
Be water - Bruce Lee tribute
Colorful and fun Caribbean maps for a cruise line magazine.
Alaska Gold Rush
Alaska Gold Rush Illustrations
Cover illustration for an article about the drones future.
The Book of All the Childrens
"The book of all children." This book aims to teach Ecuadorian girls and boys about positive life values like: friendship, honesty, humility, responsibility, fairness among others.
Concept, illustrations and icons for Yarn web design.
LATINOAMERICA | 6 countries vintage illustrations
Artwork made for internal covers for an Annual Publication about democracy in Latin America. Each illustration represents a different country: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.
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